The chain is celebrating National Slider Day with a very appropriate promotion.
Credit: Robert Alexander/Getty Images

The great thing about fake (or not-so-fake) food holidays is that there's always another one around the corner. Yesterday was National Biscuit Day, today is National Chocolate Chip Day, tomorrow is National Barbecue Day. And even better is when some of those food holidays overlap. That's the cast today as the tiny-burger-slinging chain White Castle celebrates National Slider Day with free burgers and drinks (no chocolate chips included, sorry).

To honor the little burgers that made it famous, White Castle will give away a free slider of your choice and a small Freestyle beverage (that's the Coca-Cola machine that lets you choose any drink combo you want) with any purchase. That's it! Just stop by participating locations all day today to score this offer. The promotion includes a single slider (no double-stacked or triple-stacked) of your choosing, however, waffle sliders are not included.

What does appear to be included are the chain's Impossible Sliders, plant-based burger patties that are completely vegan but cook and taste closer to real beef than any bean-based veggie burger. In fact, we tried the Impossible Sliders at the debut event in Brooklyn (read more about that here). Currently, those vegan (vegetarian with cheese) sliders are only available in New York and New Jersey, and at some Chicago restaurants.

In another odd twist on National Slider Day festivities and party favors, White Castle has created its own scented candle. The candles will be available for $10 at retail locations and the proceeds will benefit Autism Speaks.

The brand is also using the day as a way to promote its new line of frozen breakfast sandwiches, available in grocery stores nationwide. Speaking of, members of White Castle's reward programs have also been provided with a $1-off coupon for the purchase of frozen White Castle sliders, so even if you're not near a restaurant you can still enjoy the very special occasion.