So crazy that people still send their wish lists to the North Pole. 

Credit: Robert Alexander/Getty Images

We've been leaving cookies and milk out for Santa (and carrots for his reindeer) this whole time, when what the guy really wants is an order of White Castle sliders (make those vegan Impossible Burger sliders for Rudolph). Yes, this weekend Saint Nick is posting up in the fast food chain for two reasons. One: to load up on those tiny, tiny burgers and chicken rings before his marathon Christmas Eve gift-drop. And two: just to, you know, chat (it gets lonely up in the North Pole!).

From 11 A.M. to 2 P.M. on Sunday, December 9, Santa will be dining in select White Castle locations (for a full list of participating outposts, head here), where kids can give him their last-minute wish list revisions, ask him very important questions (like, what his favorite Secret Menu item is), and, most importantly, eat free food. Visiting children will have the choice of:

  • Two original sliders, cheese sliders, veggie sliders, or a six-piece order of chicken rings
  • A side of Motts applesauce or kid-size fries
  • A Motts apple juice box, milk, or a small soft drink

"The holidays always make for a great time to create memorable moments with family and each year we hear great stories from our Cravers about this fun, family-friendly event," Jamie Richardson, vice president at White Castle, said in a statement. (This is Lunch With Santa's seventh year running.) “We know the holidays can be a busy and expensive time for everyone. That’s why we are excited to offer this meal with Santa.”

A few important notes: the free food offer is limited to four children per one adult, and no reservations are required. White Castle won't have hired photographers on-hand to document the day's events, but families are encouraged to bring cameras to capture the magic (the magic being, in this case, Santa sitting in a White Castle booth, facing down a Crave Case).