This New Beer Is Made to Pair Perfectly with White Castle Burgers

The IPA collab with Evil Genius Beer Company celebrates over 100 years of White Castle.

Evil Genius It Hits Different

White Castle hangs its hat on being "America's first fast-food hamburger chain" with their original location dating all the way back to 1921, but it's not just their history that sets them apart: 101 years later, the brand still has one of the most distinctively flavored burgers out there. The thin patty overloaded with onions, the soft steamed bun, and the bite-size slider shape: It's unique, even compared to its copycats.

The Philadelphia-based brewery Evil Genius understood that such a unique burger deserves a unique beer to help it slide down your throat, and the two brands have announced a new collaboration: It Hits Different is a limited-edition brew specifically designed to pair with White Castle burgers.

"Nostalgia is such a big part of our brand, and with White Castle's over one-hundred-year legacy, it just seemed like a perfect fit to partner with them to create a beer that is as memorable as it is tasty," explained Trevor Hayward, co-founder of Evil Genius, which has previous worked with the likes of Sheetz and Auntie Anne's.

It Hits Different — a self-described "cheeky name" billed as "a nod to the two companies' legacies as tastemakers" — is a 6.5-percent ABV tangerine IPA that, along with fruit, also utilizes the hip Sabro hop variety as well as Centennial hops, a tip-of-the-hat to White Castle's 100 years of history. The results are described as offering "a subtle bitterness from the beer's unique hop profile countered with a pleasant, light tangerine sweetness."

"Evil Genius knows a thing or two about thinking original, so when they approached us on the idea of partnering on the It Hits Different White Castle-inspired beer, it was easy to raise our glasses and say cheers," Lynn Blashford, the burger chain's CMO, stated.

After a launch party at its brewery on September 30, Evil Genius has now begun distribution of the beer into Delaware, Maryland, Michigan, New Jersey, Ohio, Pennsylvania, Virginia, and Rhode Island. The brewery says the beer can be found in kegs at bars and restaurants and in six-packs of cans with a recommended price of around $11.99. Sliders sold separately.

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