For a pledge of just $7, you too can find out the potential benefits of covering yourself in booze.
whiskey based deodorant
Credit: Aleksandar Nakic / Getty Images

Not long ago, a serious drinking session would leave you looking for ways to come home not smelling like booze, but apparently, attitudes are shifting. As we discussed back in August, rosé wine has become so hip that people are going out of their way to bask in its scents. Rosé perfume, rosé-scented candles, a rosé facial, rosé shower gel and lotion, and rosé deodorant are all real items that can keep you smelling like rosé all day long. Now, not to be outdone, a whiskey-loving couple from Colorado wants to give those of you who prefer the hard stuff an olfactory opportunity as well – and thus Pit Liquor Whiskey Deodorant was created.

Launching via a Kickstarter campaign, Pit Liquor admits that it “is an unusual product.” “We formulated this deodorant while I was pregnant and we could no longer stand the toxic slurry of regular deodorant or the inaction of many natural deodorants,” explains the team behind the product. “In a moment of desperation, I threw some hand sanitizer on my pits, and viola! An idea was born.” Despite coming in three boozy varieties—Whiskey Lavender, Whiskey Vanilla, and Whiskey Black Pepper—the brand promises that you won’t actually be left smelling like you’ve been sidled up to a bar all day. “It's the same principle as hand sanitizer, but safe enough to eat,” the campaign states. “We had it tested by people who are in the Navy, teachers, businessmen, yoga teachers, runners, desk jockeys, artists, policemen, and moms and dads. No one complained about the smell.”

Instead, Pit Liquor touts the benefits of using alcohol to keep yourself odor-free. “The alcohol is incredibly high proof (above 136 overproof in the final product),” the brand explains. “Your pits stink because of bacteria. The alcohol contains an extract we make of teas that are each antimicrobial, some of them even proprietarily help encourage good bacteria to thrive, which also keeps the stink at bay. We also use salt which will keep you a little more dry and unfriendly to bacteria. And the final gut-punch to your pit stink is the arrowroot. Arrowroot remains in powder form in the liquor. It helps with dryness and also keeps you antimicrobial all day.” To put it more simply, no, you are not just spraying Jack Daniel’s into your pits. A lot of research was actually put into this product. If anything, you might be disappointed at how little you end up reeking of whiskey!

“Single Shot” bottles of sprayable Pit Liquor—“enough to get most people through nearly a month”—are available for a pledge of just $7 with an estimated February 2018 delivery date. If you’re willing to pledge more, you can get larger bottles or the full range of scents. The campaign needs $12,000 in the next 26 days to meet its all-or-nothing goal. It would take a lot of $7 bottles to get there—but at the same time, you have to assume there are a lot of whiskey lovers out there who hate showering.