Scotch and Stilton, anyone?
Whiskey Cheese App
Credit: MacphersonPhoto/Getty Images

Not that cheese isn’t exciting on its own, but the British trade association Dairy UK wanted to find a way to try to make its members’ wares that much more enticing. Of course, cheese and wine pairings are a common ploy, but for its new Cheese Pairings app, Dairy UK decided to go even boozier: cheese and whisky pairings.

Available in all the relevant app stores as well as online at, this new free app features 50 different British-produced cheeses to choose from and then offers up expert recommendations on the perfect whiskies — as well as the perfect ports — to match. Included on the list is everything from upmarket cheeses like Colston Bassett Stilton (pairs well with a “rich spicy whisky aged in sherry casks”) to everyday cheeses you can find in most U.K. grocery stores like Cathedral City Vintage Cheddar (pairs well with a “smooth fruity Northern Irish or Scotch whisky”).

“Our innovative and fun app is the first of its kind to pair cheese with whiskies,” explained Judith Bryans, Chief Executive of Dairy UK. “We can often forget just how versatile British cheeses are and that they make a great pairing not just with wine, but a whole range of other foods and drink.”

Speaking of which, Dairy UK is already promising that the app will be expanded in 2019 to offer other recommended pairings “including wine, beer and other spirits such as gin or vodka.” (Yes, your American singles and well vodka pairing isn’t bad, but you can do better!)

Though the app is clearly targeted at the British market, some of the included cheeses can be found across the pond. (The aforementioned Colston Bassett Stilton, for instance, is available at Murray’s Cheese.) And if you are simply looking for some general ideas on how to pair British cheese styles with whiskey, the app can certainly offer a few ideas for Americans.