By Mike Pomranz
Updated November 14, 2016
Whisk Wiper
Credit: Courtesy of Whisk Wiper

I’d never really thought about how big of a pain cleaning a whisk is. I just thought you hand it off to your snot-nosed kids who lick the thing clean and that was that. But apparently plenty of people who bake far more than I do are sick of dealing with their messy whisks, because a recent Kickstarter campaign for the “Whisk Wiper” is attracting hordes of backers.

What makes the Whisk Wiper look so handy is a flexible plastic attachment that slides over the top of the whisk and settles down around the handle. According to the product’s creator, Matthew Michel, the idea came to him “while I was cleaning a whisk in my sink, wiping each loop between my fingers one at a time,” as he says in his Kickstarter video. “I simply wondered, Why can’t I wipe them all at once?” His invention solves this problem: When the wiper is slid off the whisk, it takes all the batter (or whatever you’re whisking) with it, making cleaning a breeze.

Whisk Wiper promises other benefits as well. It saves food by hygienically capturing whatever is stuck to your whisk allowing it to be returned to the bowl. When help upright, the plastic wipe prevents drips from falling onto your hand. When set down on a table, the wiper props the whisk up, keeping it from touching your filthy countertop. Plus, once removed from the whisk, the wiper can be used like a mini spatula.

But my personal favorite thing about the Whisk Wiper is its simplicity. It’s not Bluetooth-enabled, allowing you to track your whisking via a smartphone app or post updates to a dedicated Whisk Wiper social network so you can share what you’re whisking with your friends. It’s got one goal: Make whisking less messy.

Apparently, people like Whisk Wiper’s straightforward, problem-solving attitude too. The simple little device (that does come with an included whisk) already has an impressive 1,800 plus backers as of this writing, raising nearly $70,000. All the “early bird” offers are gone – meaning a single Whisk Wiper will now run you $23 instead of $19 and your utensil won’t arrive in time for Christmas. That said, Whisk Wiper promises a delivery date to everyone else by March 2017, not that far off.

All right snot-nosed kids., you have one final Christmas cookie baking season worth of whisk-licking and then you’re all being usurped! Life’s tough. Deal with it!