Twitter crunched the numbers on 30 million tweets to find out who's screaming loudest for the creamy treat.

By Gillie Houston
Updated May 24, 2017
© 145/Jacqueline Veissid/Ocean/Corbis

It's no secret that Americans love sharing what they eat online. As summer approaches, feeds will no doubt be flooded with pictures of endless double- and triple-scooped ice cream cones, dripping in the heat. But which state loves ice cream the most? That's just what Twitter aimed to find out when it crunched the numbers on 30 million tweets.

According to the site's analytics report, Nevada is the state that tweets the most about the favored summer dessert, while Alabama and Texas come in second and third. By analyzing all ice cream-related tweets between March 1 and May 18 of this year, Twitter also uncovered which flavor each state prefers most.

Oddly enough, "Brownie" was the number one flavor pick in all three of the top-ranking states, whereas Cookie Dough won the hearts and stomachs of many states, including of Kansas and Indiana—number four and five in the national rankings. While Mint Chocolate Chip got some love in the east (in New Jersey, Delaware, and Maine) and Strawberry earned some devotion from a handful of southern states (plus Alaska), Coffee was the dominant flavor in many states across the country—a whopping 17 in total.

In case you're wondering what happened to good ol' reliable chocolate and vanilla, they were the "control group," a.k.a. the flavors that are always most tweeted about—with chocolate inching out vanilla to rule the twittersphere. No word yet on the outcome of the greatest national debate of all: cup or cone?