The pastry-fied take on savory bagels is hitting Washington D.C.

b.doughnut shop
Credit: Courtesy of Marla Thach Photography

As the two major doughy foods with a hole in the center, it makes sense that doughnuts and bagels have seen their share of food mashups. At B Doughnut, a doughnut shop in D.C. and Virginia, doughnuts get totally bagel-ed out. They've got everything bagel-style doughnuts with lox, chives, and more, to make sure that your taste buds are about as confused as they can be.

The B Doughnut bagel doughnut was created by Brian and Pin Chanthapanya, who based the recipe on malasadas, a Portuguese fried dough treat that's often savory.

If you want to enjoy the bagel doughnut, you've got to know what to expect going into it: when you bite into a doughnut, you're usually not looking for savory. But hey, how could fried dough with cream cheese, smoked salmon, everything bagel seasoning, and chives be bad? For more, you can check out B Doughnut's site and follow them on Instagram.


Before the B Doughnut, there were doughnuts inspired by everything bagels at New York's The Doughnut Project, though that was less of a hybrid and more of a doughnut-fied homage to the everything bagel. There was also a savory, everything-bagel-inspired doughnut at Flex Mussels. As early as March 2015, the Fiorello Dolce bakery in Huntington, New York dropped the Frenagel, which they called a cross between a French doughnut and a bagel, but it was dubbed a cronut-bagel mashup, which would make it three foods in one. (By the way, it shouldn't be surprising to anyone that snacks inspired by the everything bagel are heavily concentrated in New York.)

If you aren't within shopping distance of any of the everything bagel doughnut options, you can also make your own with this recipe from Spoon University. Warning: create food hybrids responsibly. We don't want anyone going around inventing the cotton candy spaghetti and meatballs or the peanut butter wine.