By Carey Jones
Updated May 07, 2015
Credit: © Camille Becerra

Avocado toast: It’s sort of healthy, sort of indulgent and undeniably delicious. It's the sort of thing that's so dead simple you could make it at home…but isn't it just, well, better at a restaurant?

Despite the ignominious title of “most annoying food on Instagram” avocado toast’s popularity shows no signs of waning. And really, what's not to love? Avocado has always been a killer sandwich ingredient, so the idea of just promoting it to the starring attraction is pretty brilliant.

The bread. You'll generally find avocado smashed on something healthy-looking—maybe a grain bread for that wholesome, pseudo-Californian vibe.

The filling. At least a big half-avocado (anything less is just skimping), generally mashed onto toast; sliced avocado might be a little more elegant, but the smush-it-on aesthetic is a little more fun. Lemon and salt are necessary for simpler sandwiches. From there, let your imagination reign.

Where to get it:

Café Gitane, New York City. Long before there were dozens of Pinterest boards dedicated to—hell, long before the invention of Pinterest—Café Gitane perfected its version. The ur-avo-toast is simple: avocado with lemon juice, olive oil and chile flakes on 7-grain toast.

Slab Sandwiches & Pie, Seattle. Start with house-baked farro bread, nice and crisp from the griddle; avocado slices topped with tomato-ginger jam and frisée; and then—the ridiculously delicious part—crisped-up chicken skin to add salty, savory crunch.

Navy, New York City. A classic avocado toast dressed up with radish, pickled mustard seed, pickled fennel and chile—flavors that sing on the mellow, creamy base. (On their toast-heavy breakfast menu, you can get the same avocado toast with a 7-minute egg on top.)