PBS just debuted the second season of Original Fare, which tracks down food from the source. Host Kelly Cox has crawled through oyster beds in South Carolina, picked wine grapes in California and eaten fresh dove carnitas in Texas. For yesterday’s premiere, she tackled the problem of pork. It’s easy enough to pick up bacon from the supermarket, but Cox wants to have her bacon and address the scourge of feral hogs in America, too. (There are five million of them rooting up fields and parkland as we speak.) The series has an Anthony-Bourdain-with-less-drinking vibe to it, and you can see firsthand the challenges of getting the food we usually take for granted. Warning: This episode does feature a successful boar hunt and brief footage from a factory pig farm, so if that sort of thing bothers you, don't click play. You can check out this episode on crabbing instead.