We did a little Instagram sleuthing to find out where Ina Garten, Mario Batali, and more food personalities visited this season.

By Devon Walsh
Updated August 08, 2017
chef mario Batali
Credit: Nicholas Hunt / Getty Images

One of the keys to a well-seasoned palate is taking in flavors, sights, and scents from around the globe. And just like many of us use the summer season as a chance to get away from it all and explore or reconnect with places near and far, so too do many of our favorite chefs and restaurateurs. Here are just a few of the spots some notable folks and friends of ours have been spotted in this summer:

1. Danny Meyer traveled to Rome where he paid homage to the Pantheon:

2. April Bloomfield was in Paris snacking on pastries filled with pistachio and escargot. Oh la la!

3. One of our Best New Chefs from the Class of 2016 Ravi Kapur sipped on Polynesian cocktails at Tony Cheng Seafood Restaurant in D.C.:

4. Wylie Dufresne (Best New Chefs Class of 2001) looked stylish at the Hershey’s chocolate headquarters in Hershey, PA:

5. The guest editor of our August issue, José Andrés traveled to Bordeaux with our mutual friend Ferran Adrià

And noshed on spaghetti bolognese with Anderson Cooper in Haiti:

6. Hugh Acheson led a Windstar Cruises Culinary Cruise from Dublin to Lisbon:

7. Johnathan Gold took it easy at Castiglione del Lago, in Perugia:

8. Matty Matheson slurped on crab congee in Sydney, Australia (it’s winter there):

And was asked to leave a temple in the United Arab Emirates for all those tattoos:

9. Jenni Britton Bauer felt the call to ditch the ice cream game and join a country band in Nashville, TN:

10. Katie Button (Best New Chefs Class of 2015) checked in on some old buddies in Spain:

11. Ina Garten got some veggie garden inspo in Villandry, France:

12. Alton Brown dropped everything and hopped a plane to New Zealand with 24 hours notice:

13. Mario Batali helped a doodle stay cool in Michigan:

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