By Clara Olshansky
Updated January 29, 2016
Credit: © David Malan/Getty Images

Finally, an excuse to pick buying food over going to a museum. These photos from Subreddit thread Oddly Satisfying show that supermarket displays can absolutely count as works of art. Whether they're color-coded jugs of juice, geometrically arranged fruits and vegetables, or beautifully lined up rows of cans, these photographs of gorgeous supermarket displays will satisfy the perfectionist in all of us.

The Oddly Satisfying thread includes all kinds of images of perfectly organized items. As it says, "Here you can post things that make you feel, well, oddly satisfied." And sure enough, the thread has over 400,000 subscribers and around 1,000 visitors at any given moment. With its ban on NSFW images, you could spend all day neglecting your work scrolling through all the perfect pictures.

While the thread has the benefit of descriptive captions, lots of comments and sometimes the "certified satisfying" stamp of approval, the real fun comes when you scroll through the imgur images. There you can quickly scroll through the images of fridges perfectly color-coded into two columns of brightly hued beer cans, piles of impeccably conical spices at a spice market that look like something out of Narnia, soda aisles so colorful and organized they could make Crayola jealous, and so much more.