By Carey Jones
Updated April 04, 2014
Courtesy of Stella Barra

Where: Stella Barra in Hollywood and Santa Monica

What: Chilaquiles were always a brilliant morning-after food, making the most of leftover tortillas; they're also a perfect morning-after-drinking food, getting your carb-salt-cheese fix taken care of in one go. Fried tortillas with green or red salsa, eggs, and cheese—what's not to love? But executive chef Jeff Mahin at Stella Barra upped the ante with a chilaquiles pizza. It's got a Parmesan cream sauce, crisp tortilla strips, a grating of grana padano, Fresno chili, and plenty of hot sauce served on the side. Essentially, it's two hangover cures in one.

Wash It Down With: Match the Mexican theme with the "Honey Badger," tequila lightened up with chamomile, honey, and lemon. Tea is a perfectly gentle way to ease into the day, and you know the thing about your hangover? Honey Badger doesn't care.