By Carey Jones
Updated July 02, 2015
Sushi Bagel
Credit: Courtesy of Cherry Restaurants

Where: Cherry Izakaya, Brooklyn

What: Lox on a bagel is the quintessential New York brunch, but you don't need us to tell you that. What you do need to know: Cherry Izakaya, Williamsburg Brooklyn has a brilliant, novel Japanese-inspired version: Cured Nova salmon on a crispy rice “bagel,” with red onion, capers, wasabi crème fraiche, and scallion. Part sushi, part bagel, all awesome.

Wash it down with: $20 gets you access to limitless brunch drinks, so the choice is yours—a sweet potato shochu Bloody Mary? Yuzu-sake mimosa? "Screwzu"-Driver? (A screwdriver with yuzu, presumably. But order one and let us know.)