By Clara Olshansky
Updated August 20, 2015
© caia image / Alamy

This cake is charming, pretty and totally not what 21-year-old Laura Seggie expected for her birthday. When Marie Seggie from Lanarkshire, Scotland, texted her friend to ask for a birthday cake, her autocorrect error made for a very different cake topper. Instead of getting a cake with a figure of a small blonde girl on top, meant to represent her blonde daughter, Seggie ended up with a "wee blind girl," with closed eyes, a walking stick and all. And she's a brunette. Luckily there were no hard feelings. The family got a kick out of the mistake and left the cake topper on for all to see.

News of this cake hit the general public when Laura's sister Emily took to Twitter,

Since its posting, the tweet garnered more than 30,000 favorites and just short of 20,000 retweets. Emily has been totally thrown off by the wild popularity of the image, telling The Telegraph "I am feeling the pressure of the fame!"

The entire family and the friend who made the cake were amused by the mix-up and the cake was a hit; people were especially entertained by the little white walking stick. Said Emily, "When we got the cake on Friday, mum called us in and asked us if we could see anything wrong with it. We were a bit confused why there was a blind girl on top but then mum told us the mistake she had made with autocorrect… We were going to take it off the top because we weren't sure if it would be seen as offensive but decided to keep it in the end."

Thankfully the figure is so adorable that it's hard to be offended by it. And hey, let's be glad the cake's bow didn't become a bowel.