We at F&W pride ourselves on our prognosticating powers. And we especially love when we're called out for it: A recent New York Times article mentioned the biggest trend we see for 2009—the increasing desire to cook at home. While the piece stated that home-cooked meals are typically more healthful than those prepared at restaurants, just how much more depends on who's doing the cooking. A Cornell University study looked into the habits of nearly 800 family cooks and found these five distinct cooking personalities. Take the quiz to figure out your personality, then follow the delicious recipes below:

Giving Cooks stick to tried-and-true, classic comfort food. Try cheesy baked spaghetti and chicken potpie with cream biscuit topping.

Methodical Cooks rely on recipes and love the orderliness of following them step-by-step. Try our Recipe of the Day tool for daily recipes like battered cod and a spicy, soothing chicken-and-rice soup with shrimp.

Healthy Cooks tend to cook fish and use fresh produce. Try pan-seared monkfish with a garlicky tomato sauce and halibut with a green-papaya slaw.

Competitive Cooks are all about impressing their guests. Try impressive hors d'oeuvres like flaky cheese-and-leek-filled phyllo rolls and Wolfgang Puck's potato pancakes with smoked salmon, caviar and dill cream.

Innovative Cooks are into experimenting with different cooking methods. Try avant-garde chef Ferran Adrià's ingenious spin on spaghetti (he toasts it) and Michel Bras's roasted bananas with candied nuts.