Credit: Courtesy of A16 Rockridge

Where: A16 Rockridge in Oakland, CA

What: Pizza has always had its place as a day-after comfort food; but what about fried pizza? At A16 Rockridge, the Montanara Rockridge starts with a base of lightly fried dough that's topped with smoky tomato sauce, burrata, and basil. It's an immensely satisfying brunch, but a refined one too. Chef Rocky Maselli trained in Naples to become certified by the Associazione Verace Pizza Napoletana, so his Neapolitan pie credentials are top-notch.

Wash It Down With: For a fun take on a morning-after standard, consider the spicy bloody Mary with Calabrian chili; or for a more powerful pick-me-up, the "Easy Like Sunday Mornin'," with bourbon, espresso, cardamaro, and Combier d'Orange.

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