Bloomingdale's housewares guru Lester Gribetz names ten trends. F&W offers kitchenware to match.

1. Retro Look

WOVO's 1950s-style carafes, bowls and pitchers are made of translucent plastic, but have the look of glass (from $8; 888-667-8903).

2. Mini Machines

The Cuisinart Mini-Prep Plus can often complete little jobs faster than a chef's knife can ($54; 800-726-0190).

3. Fondue Sets

For years, Bloomingdale's didn't carry fondue pots, but now Tramontina's stainless steel sets are among its top sellers ($130; 800-221-7809).

4. Smart Gadgets

Bloomingdale's sells more gadgets, like Rösle's zester, than any other housewares item ($21; 302-326-4802).

5. Provençal Style

The popularity of painted French furniture, Gribetz predicts, will boost interest in Provençal-style china, like Bloomingdale's hand-painted "Chantal" platters ($45; 800-555-SHOP).

6. Multipurpose Pans

Gribetz thinks a wok is the most versatile pan: "You can use it to sauté, pan-fry, deep-fry." F&W likes Anolon's ($60; 800-326-3933).

7. Coffee Luxe

The ultimate luxury: a high-end espresso machine, like the Saeco Espresso Classico ($330; 800-933-7876).

8. Blue Accents

The biggest color trend right now is cobalt blue, used on the base of small appliances or on gadget handles.

9. Handheld Choppers

Zyliss's inexpensive version dices quickly without using electricity ($15; 888-794-7623).

10. Essential Books

For those outfitting a kitchen, The New Cooks' Catalogue, edited by Burt Wolf, is a must for equipment tips ($35).