So many tiny pieces. So many repeat patterns. 
Whataburger Toy
Credit: Whataburger

We're living in a golden age of relaxation toys-slash-devices. You can fire up a meditation app, or spend an hour with an adult coloring book, or go down a YouTube ASMR video rabbithole (you wouldn't be the first person to find themselves 30 clips deep, watching an internet stranger loudly turn book pages). Or, you could pick up a super-satisfying building set, like the one Whataburger just released with BRXLZ—a brand known for its tiny, detailed modular construction kits (think Legos, but smaller and in more complicated configurations).

The $40 buildable toy restaurant features 1,737 pieces (so, it's a commitment, but a relaxing one) and is recommended for kids ages 12 and up. “Build your own Whataburger—complete with the iconic orange-and-white stripes and Whataburger sign—from this modular kit,” the description reads. Once completed, the structure is about ten inches tall. While yes, this would be a fun holiday gift for fans of the Texas-based chain, it's also great for anyone who can't fully unwind unless they're watching Netflix and doing something mildly challenging.

This isn't the only inventive bit of merch for sale in Whataburger's online shop. The fast food chain also offers a five-foot-wide beach towel shaped like a side of fries, a trio of condiment-inspired Christmas tree ornaments (ketchup, spicy ketchup, and mustard), and a cotton throw blanket knit with an image of one of Whataburger's iconic A-frame restaurants.

While we're on the topic of Whataburger—a restaurant that inspires the same type of loyalty in Texans that In-N-Out Burger does in Californians—did you know they serve one of the country's best fast food breakfasts? It's true—a strip of fried chicken (breakfast chicken is seriously underrated) topped with a generous squeeze of Whataburger's famous Honey Butter drizzle (it's sold in grocery stores all across Texas), and served on a warm biscuit.