By Clara Olshansky
Updated July 10, 2015
Credit: © iStockphoto

With summer in full swing, it's about time to put on your team colors and head out to a baseball game. When you're not heckling the other team's pitcher, cringing at the fourth foul ball in a row, or just trying to keep up with the rules of the game, take the chance to enjoy your favorite zero-nutritional-value baseball snack. Just know that you can learn a lot about a person from what they get at the game.

Cracker Jacks The Cracker Jacks Girl loves how vintage–y they are. She probably identifies as an "old soul." She only listens to her music on vinyl. That team t-shirt she's wearing belonged to a nine-year-old boy in the seventies.

Ice Cream in a Baseball Cap Bowl The Guy who gets ice cream in the baseball cap bowl is way too into this whole thing. He's probably the one who tries to get drinks with his coworkers every night of the week. He definitely brought a foam finger. Beware—if you're not feeling the hardcore pep right now, avoid anyone with the baseball cap ice cream.

Double Bacon Cheeseburger Double Bacon Cheeseburger Girl wants you to know she's a chick who can hang. See her official jersey? She's showing you that she likes sports and food just as much as your bros do, and you should think that's sexy.

Grilled Chicken from the One Artisanal Booth in the Stadium Grilled Chicken Guy is probably here ironically, or because he's writing a piece about mob mentality for an underground literary magazine.

Three Beers The guy who orders three beers at the game is definitely compensating for something. He probably just signed up for Pilates class or landscape painting classes, and is afraid if he doesn’t drink enough beer he'll have his man card revoked. He's probably shouting, "Yo, Ump! That was call was BS" somewhere right now, while he secretly uses his girlfriend's hand lotion.