The new Mercedes-Maybach comes complete its very own tea kettle. Yes, a tea kettle. 
Hong Kong-Style Milk Tea
Credit: © Getty Images/iStockphoto

How badly do you need a cup of tea? Do you love tea so much that you need to drink it while you’re in the car? If that’s you—the type of person who craves the utmost in the luxury—then you will be just thrilled to learn that the latest Mercedes-Maybach SUV comes complete with a full tea set and heated tray in the backseat console.

The SUV concept was recently revealed at the 2018 Beijing International Automotive Exhibition, and I’m sure you have some questions. Is it safe? Does it boil the hot water for you while in transit? Yes to both questions.

With the press of a button, passengers sitting in the back of the SUV can access the tea set—made from real china, of course. It’s not accessible to the driver, who should not be brewing tea while driving, and definitely doesn’t need to risk the front seat passenger spilling boiling hot water during rush hour.

The Maybach doesn’t feature some low-tech cupholder that keeps your cup warm while you're driving, either. Hidden in the console is a heating tray, which will boil tea water for you on command so that you can relax and enjoy your ride, all while what is essentially a car-based butler brews you a pot of tea.

What about the tea? Would you have to stock your tea from the grocery store in the back seat of the car? Certainly not. This is full throttle luxury driving here, remember? According to the Verge, Mercedes promises that the console will come stocked with its own supply of tea.

Just in case you’re curious, this SUV also comes with a “wellness tool” that controls the climate of the car, adjusting temperature, ventilation, controlling the chairs’ massage function, even releasing fragrances in order to optimize passenger comfort. It can even match the music played to your “current mood.” Sounds fancy, but that’s a whole lot of power to give one car.