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The total number of calories will blow you away.

Elisabeth Sherman
Updated May 19, 2017

Forget The Rock. This weight lifting uber-athlete has the craziest diet we’ve ever witnessed.

His name is Brian Shaw, and to say that he is a strong man seems like an understatement. He has come in first place in four World’s Strongest Man competitions. He can lift a 560-pound stone. To maintain that level of strength, Shaw has to eat. A lot.

Shaw posted a video to Youtube recently, detailing the meals he eats every day to keep his body in peak physical condition.

He says that eating is the hardest part of being a strongman because it’s “constant.”

“You don’t ever stop,” he explains to the camera.

Shaw starts out slow, with his choice of cereal (he likes Cinnamon Toast Crunch), eight eggs, and peanut butter. That first meal is around 1200 calories.

Shaw immediately eats his next meal: More peanut butter, a shake with 80 grams of protein, and granola bars.

He starts eating pasta, topped with a pound of beef, at the third meal. He’s a consciousness super-eater, only buying organic beef from grass fed cows.  By the time he’s finished meal number three, he’ll have consumed over 4,000 calories.

Then it’s time for another protein shake and peanut butter.

Shaw has four more meals throughout the rest of his day, finally landing at a comfortable 12,000 total calories. Heavy lifting aside, eating that immense volume of food in one day seems like an accomplishment all by itself.

Seems like eating this much might take the joy out of food, but it's all in a day's work for the world's strongest man.