In this video, Jon Favreau reveals that chef Roy Choi wasn’t his only culinary advisor while he was making the movie Chef. He also learned a lot from judging and watching Top Chef.


This past Monday, Food & Wine teamed up with the Revere Hotel Boston Common to host a special screening of the new movie Chef, complete with cubanos and churros from 2009 F&W Best New Chef Barry Maiden. There was even a special video message before the movie from Chef star, writer and director Jon Favreau. In it, Favreau revealed to the Boston audience that chef Roy Choi wasn’t his only culinary advisor. He also learned a lot from judging and watching Top Chef. “I was observing everything on set and it was extremely helpful,” Favreau said. “I was observing the contestants, noticing all the little burns they had on their arms, what type of tattoos they had. It was interesting to go out with chefs and see how they treat each other. It gave me some firsthand experience that, hopefully, translated into the film. Also, part of my research was watching every season of Top Chef.” Above, watch the full video intro that screened in Boston. Chef is in theaters now.