At F&W, we pride ourselves on our powers of prediction. One trend stands out for 2009: The increasing desire to cook at home. Here, we highlight some incredible new ingredients, products and recipes—from peri peri chicken, healthy chips and incredible dishes like chef Alex Raij’s Tuna Bocadillos (right).



Web-Exclusive Trend-Oriented Recipes


Peri peri chicken, soy-sauce crystals, Dutch cheese and more. »

Old-School Gins


Italian craft beer, healthy chips, old-school gins and more. »


Comfort Food Classics

Trend: Cooking Comfort Food at Home

Turkey casseroles and root beer floats may seem like they belong in a time capsule from another era, but they’re actually a trend—again.

Jose Andres

American Restaurant Trends to Watch

What to expect when eating out this year.

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