Italian craft beer, healthy chips, old-school gins and more.

By Christine Quinlan
Updated March 31, 2015

Healthy Chips

© Gregor Halenda

Thanks to vacuum-frying—which uses less oil—chips made of carrot, banana, pineapple and other produce from Boston-based company Danielle are airily crisp ($38 for twelve 2-oz bags; Joseph Banks cassava (also known as yuca) chips have a great salty crunch ($4 for a 4-oz bag;

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Vintage Glassware

© Gregor Halenda

Bartenders are now collecting vintage barware for serving classic cocktails. Boston mixologist John Gertsen spent many years hunting for pieces like this 1950s set, which he uses at Barbara Lynch’s Drink.

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Old-School Gins

© Gregor Halenda

History-minded mixologists love the new artisanal gins made from 19th-century recipes. Two favorites: the earthy Bols Genever ($39) and the herbal Hayman’s Old Tom ($26).

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Innovative Italian Craft Beer

Without the constraints of tradition, Italian brewers are able to be more inventive—and now they’re exporting some of their most creative beers to the U.S. Birreria Baladin’s Nora Ale, which is made with myrrh instead of hops, is on the all-Italian beer list at New York City’s terrific Convivio.

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Wines from Caipirinha Land

Could Brazil be South America’s next wine superpower? Pizzato’s peppery Concentus Merlot blend ($26) and Miolo’s fragrant 2007 Pinot Noir ($14) from the Vale dos Vinhedos region certainly help make the case.

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