Plus, everything else we know about the Apple CEO's eating habits. 

Elisabeth Sherman
Updated August 29, 2017

As CEO of Apple, Tim Cook is arguably one of the most successful people on the planet. So, anyone looking snag even a fraction of his success might be curious to know about the man's routine and habits. A recent interview in the The New York Times gives us a peek at the daily life of the wealthy, genius innovator—namely, what exactly he prefers to eat for breakfast.

While following the executive around for the article, writer Andrew Ross Sorkin observed Cook’s breakfast selection: “two scrambled egg whites, crispy bacon (they didn’t have his preferred turkey bacon), sugar-free cereal with unsweetened almond milk.” It appears the health-conscious Cook prefers to not eat dairy or sugar and apparently shies away from fatty meat like pork in favor of the leaner turkey option. Unfortunately, there aren't any additional details about what cereal he likes the best. Earlier this year, USA Today revealed that Cook gets up early to enjoy that breakfast—at around 3:45 a.m.

What else do we know about his eating habits? Well, for one thing, he’s a man of the people: All the way back in 2012, Business Insider revealed that he enjoys eating lunch with his employees in the Apple cafeteria, that is when he gets the chance to eat lunch at all. The busy Cook has also been known to snack on energy bars during meetings; the sound of wrappers crinkling during employee presentations is a common occurrence when he’s around, according to Time.

Food & Wine gathered together what some other successful people you might want to emulate eat for breakfast, although we can’t guarantee that you’ll turn into a millionaire or a beloved talk show host overnight just by remembering to eat your eggs. Still, if the old adage is to be believed, breakfast is the most important meal of the day, so it might not hurt to try eating like a powerful CEO in the morning.