Just because you’re eating pizza in your pj’s doesn’t mean you can’t drink an interesting wine with it. Here, matches to try:

By Megan Krigbaum
Updated March 31, 2015

© Annika Huett

Pizza with 2006 Petrolo Galatrona ($120)

“I like the juxtaposition of pizza with extravagant Super-Tuscans,” says Belinda Chang of the Modern in NYC, who suggests this 100-percent Merlot.

© Annika Huett

Sushi with 2008 Talai Berri Txakoli ($21)

Marc Papineau of the Corson Building in Seattle likes to serve this effervescent white with sushi, because it is delicate and reminds him of the sea.

© Annika Huett

Burritos with 2007 Benton Lane Pinot Noir ($26)

“I’m really a fan of Pinot Noir with Mexican food. It handles chile-pepper heat surprisingly well,” says William Sherer of Aureole in Las Vegas.

© Annika Huett

Kung Pao Chicken with 2007 Bruno Hunold Gewürztraminer ($21)

“Alsatian Gewürz’s fruity, floral notes go well with spicy Asian food,” says Janet Webber of Hugo’s in Portland, Maine.

Wine Advice & Pairings:

Frying herbs like rosemary, parsley and sage for less than 45 seconds in a half inch of oil makes them ultracrispy; they are delicious with tender lamb chops.
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