Credit: @Fumeroism

Like restaurants in a lot of big cities, when New York’s close their doors for the night, they pull down old, rusted metal gates that rarely offer much to look at. Chef Matt Lambert from New York’s Michelin-starred Musket Room didn’t like that precedent, though. When he shut down for the night, he wanted to give passersby something more inspiring than sheet metal. So he teamed up with graffiti artist Fumero to transform the crusty old gate outside his restaurant into a piece of art. “When we got the space for the Musket Room, we spent so much time working on the interior design,” Lambert told us. “But then you closed the gate and had this empty sheet of metal—I wanted to make it a canvas for somebody else to express their creativity.”

Fumero’s latest mural honors the late Notorious B.I.G., which the artist painted for the 18th anniversary of Biggie’s death on March 9.

Although Lambert gives Fumero free reign to paint whatever he wants outside the restaurant, the Biggie mural touches a slightly more personal spot for him. Lambert actually did a bit of rapping himself when he was younger under the name Big Choppa. (Don’t bother trying to find any old YouTube videos. They aren’t there.)

But Biggie is just the latest in an ongoing series on The Musket Room’s gate. “This is the third time Fumero has done our gate. He can change it whenever he wants; we’ll probably see something new up there in the fall.”

You can find Fumero’s work outside The Musket Room until 6 p.m. each night until Lambert opens the gate to show off his beautiful New Zealand-inspired plates inside.

You can find more of Fumero’s work all over New York City and via his Instagram, @Fumeroism.