Credit: © iStockphoto

Last week, we showed you an interpretation of school lunches from around the world. This week, we get to peek inside refrigerators. Now depending on how much MTV Cribs you used to watch, you may think that all fridges are fully stocked with perfectly aligned bottles of Veuve, Red Bull and bottled water. But a series of images from Twitter corrects our TV-fed delusions.

Each week, the social media campaign Curators of Sweden allows a different Swede to take the wheel of its official Twitter page and tweet as they please. Last week, one Swede posted a picture of the contents of her refrigerator. The image and handle went viral, and people from all over the world began posting pictures of their own fridges from Hong Kong to London to Canada:

The food-voyeuristic compilation gives us a glimpse into the daily diets of people around the world—and also shows that none of us are particularly good with space management.

You can keep up with more of Sweden’s refrigerator chatter by following @Sweden on Twitter but in the meantime here are more of the fridge tweets: