This new Kickstarter is making edible greeting cards.

By Morgan Goldberg
Updated May 24, 2017
Noteworthy Chocolates
Credit: © Noteworthy Chocolates

Remember the days when you bought your mom chocolates and a card on Mother’s Day? Soon, only one purchase will be necessary. Noteworthy Chocolates, a new Kickstarter that’s more than halfway to its $27,000 goal, is making laser-engraved chocolate stationery. The first shipments go out in October, but backers are already purchasing their edible greeting cards.

Customers are able to choose their chocolate, size, templates and fonts and of course, a unique engraved message. Once the designing process is complete, the chocolates are shipped in “eco-elegant” (beautiful, recyclable and compostable) packaging.

The chocolate, which is Fair Trade Certified, made of cacao sustainably sourced from Ecuador and created in the U.S. in small batches with non-GMO ingredients, comes in dark, milk and white varieties. It is also soy, peanut and gluten-free.

Noteworthy Chocolates plans to use the Kickstarter funding to build a fully-equipped kitchen and laser lab.

This startup will cut gift-giving in half in a creative and novel way. Who wouldn’t eat a chocolate greeting card?