Rogen and the Sausage Party crew planted animatronic talking food at a supermarket in New York.

By Danica Lo
Updated May 24, 2017
Sausage Party
Credit: Courtesy of Columbia Pictures.

Sure, the premise of Seth Rogen's new R-rated animated feature Sausage Party seems awesome—funny food! that talks!—but what would it be like, in real life, if supermarket produce and products could actually speak? Rogen and the filmmakers behind Sausage Party decided to find out by planting animatronic bread, cantaloupe, and a giant sausage at a local C-Town supermarket in New York. Here's what happened:

Granted, New Yorkers are pretty jaded and found the sass-talking food more funny than freaky. They also had no problems talking back to the cheeky comestibles—one shopper viciously chewed up a mouthful of baguette in front of a talking loaf of bread while shouting: "That's your mother!" And another patron got into an argument with the talking sausage, challenging it to eat one of its sausage brethren. The sausage (remotely voiced by Seth Rogen), responded: "No! I'm not a cannibal—have you ever eaten a hipster?"

Sausage Party opens in theaters in wide release this week. The film is the first-ever R-rated CG-animated movie—"It's the filthiest thing on Earth. It's so in-your-face disgusting," said David Krumholtz, who voices the film's Lavash. "There were moments recording the movie that I embarrassed myself. All bets were off in terms of being conservative."