Make sure you found everything from your egg hunt this weekend.

By Mike Pomranz
Updated May 24, 2017
easter egg illustration
Credit: © Linda Bronson / Getty Images

Easter was two days ago, meaning most of us have already turned our holiday sights towards not forgetting to send our moms a Mother’s Day card. But before you completely leave Easter in your rearview, maybe let this video serve as a word of warning to take one final peek around the house to make sure you didn’t accidentally neglect to find every single egg during your annual Easter egg hunt.

According to the clip’s description, YouTuber Reddit McReddit (I wonder what his favorite website is?) says, “My parents had some furniture in storage from mid-2008 until early 2017. Today we found an egg from our 2008 Easter-egg-hunt hiding behind the couch cushions….” He then proceeds to crack open the 9-year-old Easter egg, and the results are “explosive.”

Giving the painted egg a shake, the cameraman notes that “the inside has turned to a rubber ball,” and then with the whack of a knife… well… it’s hard to tell exactly what happens. The pop of the shell—combined with what we can only assume is a smell that would send the Easter bunny running—left our fearless egg-opener shaking the camera in surprise. The outcome is pretty clear, however: The shell somehow jumped from the floor to a kitchen counter, and if you work the pause button just right, you can see what remains on the ground is the hideous-looking green and yellow innards. Actually, now that I’m left feeling nauseous, I kind of wish I hadn’t worked the pause button properly. Gross.

“Oh, it stinks. It stinks,” someone proclaims with a cough from off camera. Meanwhile, our cameraman remarks, “That was unexpected.” Though honestly, I don’t know what you would expect opening what is clearly a literal rotten egg. There’s a reason bad eggs have the negative reputation they do – and this is it.