The chef told Food & Wine that this book will be "darker" than Blood, Bones, and Butter
Gabrielle Hamilton memoir
Credit: Daniel Zuchnik/Getty Images

Following the success of her first book, Blood, Bones, and Butter, which chronicles her 20-year journey working and living in the kitchens that gave her life meaning and purpose, Gabrielle Hamilton, chef and owner of Prune in Manhattan, is working on her second memoir. Hamilton talked to Food & Wine about what readers can expect to find in these new pages, including the story of a personal tragedy that she’s still grappling with today.

Hamilton says her new book, tentatively titled Kind Regards­­, is centered on the suicide death of her oldest brother. She calls this earth-shattering event the book’s “launch point,” explaining that it’s really this moment that will define the book’s entire tone.

“I would say that Blood, Bones, and Butter was a kind of love letter, a book of very kind regards to all the things and people in my life that I was able to have kind regards for,” she explains. “I think this book is a love letter to the slightly darker, deeper things that I didn’t have the maturity or perspective to write about before.”

Hamilton describes her first book as one that celebrates all of life’s richest, most joyous pleasures: Decadent meals, Italian villas—Kind Regards, however, addresses a much more “complex” set of experiences. In fact, she’s still not sure how much the kitchen, cooking, and restaurants will even factor into Kind Regards.

“If I have to write about it, I will,” she says. “For the other book, having food on every page was a mandate because everyone was very interested in the [restaurant] world. But this book doesn’t have that self-imposed mandate.”

While this book might not offer much more of an inside look at the restaurant industry, it sounds as though Hamilton is inviting readers to glimpse of a side of her that is usually hidden from the public. Kind Regards­­—a phrase that Hamilton describes as a “parting salutation,” or a way of saying goodbye—seems as though it will show the chef in a more vulnerable, more human light than we’ve seen her before.

Kind Regards is slated for release in the summer of 2019.