A young man struggles to find his place in the family business, a baker brazenly reinvents classic desserts no one else thought could be improved, plus seven more compelling moments in the new season of 'Chef's Table.'
christina tosi
Credit: Courtesy of FOX

On Friday, April 13, Chef’s Table: Pastry drops on Netflix. The new series is a celebration of the people who make dessert, both in its classic and most innovative forms—unfrosted cakes, almond gelato, chocolate mousse, freeze-dried cream filled with blueberries. Each chef honors the baking techniques and ingredients of past masters, and while some are far more willing the buck tradition than others, they all follow Ezra Pound’s famous command to “make it new.” Of the four chefs featured, only one is a woman—a demographic that, as Food & Wine pointed out earlier this year, is unacceptable, given that baking is usually considered “women’s work”—but even so, the chefs depicted in this season of the show are vulnerable, brilliant characters, each with a single-minded focus on their field that is awe-inspiring. Here are nine standout moments to expect while binge-watching Chef’s Table: Pastry this weekend.

An oyster epiphany

Corrado Assenza is carrying on four generations of gelato making tradition at his family’s restaurant, Caffé Sicilia. When he finally decides to break the mold and reinvent the classic dessert, he turns to childhood memories spent swimming in the salty ocean.

A “diatribe” against cake

Milk Bar’s Christina Tosi rants about the time wasted trying to sculpt a perfectly frosted cake.

A failed experiment

When WIll Goldfarb attempts to invent new forms for dinner’s last course, he receives harsh backlash from restaurant critics who widely pan his ideas.

A well-timed rescue effort

When Assenza realizes that almond farmers are abandoning their land in Sicily, he begins a grassroots movement to ensure the survival of the ingredient.

A sudden (self-imposed) exile from New York

Goldfarb can't find acceptance or recognition in New York City’s restaurant scene. When he finally does, the fame goes to his head—with devastating results. So he decides to follow his bliss on another continent entirely.

A family duty

Jordi Roca decides to join the team at the restaurant run by his two brothers, El Cellar Can de Roca (which has since been named the best restaurant in the world twice), but he's so directionless than he works as a waiter before moving to the kitchen.

“Menial” labor

Tosi breaks the news to her family that she wants to move to New York City for culinary school, but her mother—a gifted baker in her own right—doesn’t understand why her daughter would want turn such a “menial” activity into a career.

A lucky break

After the head pastry chef at El Cellar Can de Roca suffers an accident, Jordi faces his first test: He must step in to take over dinner service. The only problem? All the chef’s recipes are written in English.

A happy accident

While preparing "family meal" for the chefs at WD~50, where she worked at the time, Tosi accidentally invents one of her most famous desserts to date.

Season four of Chef's Table premieres on Netflix this Friday, April 13.