Credit: istockphoto

In case the recently publicized pot vending machine is not convenient enough for you, here’s the latest way to get your edibles: on wheels. Hailing from Seattle, the Samich truck (that stands for Savory Accessible Marijuana Infused Culinary Happiness) debuted to rave reviews at the Cannabis Cup in Denver on April 20. It’s a project from the creators of MagicalButter, a botanical extractor that makes it easier to infuse butter and oils with raw pot.

The truck’s range of infused offerings is impressive, including a bahn mi, a pulled-pork sandwich and a grilled cheese sandwich made with THC-infused spreadable cheese. Meals won’t come cheap, though. The truck’s founder, Garyn Angel, says that entrees will typically cost $10 more than a similar non-pot version.

If all goes well (and if the trend of pot legalization continues), you may see more Samich trucks on the road soon. Angel says he would like turn his weed-on-wheels operation into a small fleet with vehicles in San Diego, Toronto and Tampa as well. Selling recreational marijuana in Washington state isn’t legal, but recent estimates suggest that it could be sometime this summer. In the meantime, Angel is focused on getting licensing worked out so Samich trucks can hit the ground rolling as soon as it’s legal.

Until then, you’ll have to keep getting your edibles the old-fashioned way—from the guy upstairs with the lava lamp collection.