Credit: © Stephen Lovekin/WireImage for Hill & Knowlton/Getty Images

Recently, presidential candidate Donald Trump was overheard ordering his rib eye well-done in a Manchester, New Hampshire, steakhouse.

One would think that with the inflammatory stream of consciousness that comes out of Trump’s mouth on a daily basis, no one would care one way or the other what the internal temperature of his meat is—but that is not the case. His steak order has resulted in low-grade pandemonium and heckling everywhere from Twitter to his rallies. So much so that a man held up protest signs at Trump’s South Carolina speech proclaiming TRUMP LIKES HIS STEAKS WELL DONE, as a sort of battle cry.

A true meat lover knows that the best way to enjoy steak is not well-done, but why do people care so much about Trump preferring his meat on the grayer side? Well, it could say something about who he is as a candidate. “If you like your meat cooked well done, you subconsciously probably use that same well done approach across the board in your life. It implies that one’s personality traits are patience, strategy and goal focused. Some research shows that meat and potato people are traditionalists in their thinking,” says Deborah Marcus Stayman, LCSW (, a therapist who specializes in food and the meaning behind what we eat, how much we eat and why.

Interesting. Trump may not win any meat-appreciation awards, and he doesn’t exactly exude patience, but apparently research suggests he may just be hiding that facet of his personality from us. Hiding it very well.

Trump and steaks are not new bedfellows. Before he became a presidential candidate, Trump had a short-lived line of Trump Steaks, available only at Sharper Image and by mail-order from QVC that he claimed to be “the world’s greatest steaks.” It would, however, be an understatement to say that his customers did not agree, with reviews like “SENT THIS MESS BACK” and an almost Donald-esque takedown, “I know fine food and these did not meet expectations.”

And despite the Donald’s claims of meat expertise, he may not know steak as well as he thinks he does. In addition to the less than favorable reviews of his branded steaks, in 2012 the Trump Steakhouse in Las Vegas was briefly shut down because it had 51 health code violations.

So maybe how Trump enjoys steaks shouldn’t be an indicator of anything other than how we should not enjoy ours.