Hint: It will make your drinks taste better.

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Cocktail Cube
Credit: © Booker and Dax

When we heard about Booker and Dax’s Cocktail Cube, we imagined some sort of Hellraiser-esque puzzle box. Would it open a portal to a terrifying and tantalizing drinking dimension? The answer was no, though it will certainly give drinks a new dimension of frothiness. It’s two-inch cube of polypropylene meant to improve shaken cocktails.

The cube solves a dilemma long pondered by mad culinary scientist Dave Arnold (of MOFAD fame, and the inventor of the wonderful Searzall). He'd discovered that very large ice cubes—placed in a shaker among smaller ones—would help to aerate a cocktail, producing more and finer foam on top of, say, a pisco sour. But large ice cubes were expensive for bars (they cost a dollar or more apeice) and unavailable to at-home drinkmakers.

So he created the Cocktail Cube, a chunk of high-density polyethylene that does the same job as a large ice cube but can be washed and reused indefinitely. We recently experienced the cube's effects first hand, at Booker and Dax, and can attest to its efficacy.

You can buy the Booker and Dax cocktail cube right now for $20 on Amazon.