The fast food chain put forth a challenge on Twitter, and Twitter delivered.

Credit: Courtesy of Wendy's

Seasonal and other limited-time items are a tried and true way for businesses to keep customers coming back (at least once a year). On paper, it's a simple process — Step one: Create the kind of crave-able product that creates buzz. Step two: Put it on the menu. Step three: Take it off the menu. Then repeat steps two and three until you reach Shamrock Shake and Pumpkin Spice Latte levels of fandom. Wendy’s may have discovered just that in its spicy chicken nuggets, a pepped-up take on its standard nuggets which famously come in a four-pack for 99¢.

However, unlike the McRib or a PSL, the spicy nuggets, which take a flavor cue from of the chain’s famous spicy chicken sandwich, aren’t a perennial returning item (yet, at least). They left the menu in 2017 and haven’t been back since (perhaps as a bit of a Band-Aid, Burger King has attempted its own version in the meantime). But on May 4, Chance the Rapper tweeted the following “positive affirmations,” which included a reference to the discontinued menu item:

Wendy’s jumped on the bandwagon of likes and retweets by putting forward a challenge: If its reply got two million likes, the chain would bring back spicy chicken nuggets.

By 10 p.m. ET on May 5, the deal was done:

While Wendy’s can’t yet say when the spicy nuggets will be back on the menu, the promise of a new (if limited time) return is now definitely on the horizon, a representative confirmed.

It's not the first time Wendy's nuggets have been the subject of a Twitter-based campaign. In 2017, Carter Wilkerson asked the brand how many retweets he'd need to earn a year of free nuggets from the brand. The reply? 18 million. While Wilkerson didn't meet that mark, his tweet did become the most retweeted tweet of all time at 3.4 million. And yes, he got his year of free nuggz anyway.