Fast-food fans give Wendy's top honors in a National Fast Food Day poll.


On Thursday, fast-food fans across the country are celebrating National Fast Food Day, no doubt with fires, burgers, and/or tenders brandished triumphantly from their skilled, dipping hands. But one faction in particular is celebrating just a little bit more, because Wendy's has been voted the country's “Top Fast Food Brand," according to a massive poll on the crowdsourced ranking site

With over 211,000 votes cast total, the poll saw Wendy's beat out a huge field of quick-cooking competitors, not just on National Fast Food Day, but only a day after the company's birthday. Founded on November 15, 1969, the 47-year old chain is no doubt continuing the party an extra day—even if its famously feisty Twitter account has yet to comment on the honor, at least so far.

Just what is it that gave Dave Thomas' chain the number one spot this year? Perhaps one key campaign plank is that the company's chicken nuggets were, with Wendy's own help, the source of the most retweeted tweet of all-time. Earlier this year, when a young man tweeted at the company asking how many retweets it would take to win a year of free chicken nuggets, the company responded: "18 million." And while he didn't quite reach that, the 3.6 million he did get no doubt brought Wendy's some serious social media attention.

And once it had that attention, Wendy's made the most of it, launching a new line of chicken tenders and 'S'Awesome' Sauce, which, though in development for years, also debuted not long after McDonald's introduced its own, new chicken tenders--and even less long after McDonald's highly publicized sauce controversy. Burger King is no stranger to the fast food fray either, giving away free nuggets to people named Wendy last month in a jab at the rival. But that wasn't enough to overcome Wendy's vote total this time, meaning that today, those $5 Chicken Tender Combos will have a particularly triumphant aftertaste.