The only rosé you can drink all day without feeling guilty. 

During summer, I’m sure most of you wholeheartedly embrace the “rosé all day” mantra, but as admirable as that is, it’s not always a practical way of living life. Sometimes you have to go to work, or babysit your younger sibling, or go to the grocery store—yes, even in the summer. But there is a solution to your rosé woes: Welch’s (the brand famous for their concord grape juice) actually made a version of rosé that is totally socially acceptable to drink all day long.

Welch’s has launched its own—non-alcoholic—take on rosé, complete with bubbles. Sure, it may not taste anything like wine, but it does have that rich, bright pink color that you’re looking for in a glass of rosé. It even comes in a glass wine bottle. Whether you’ve decided to take a break from alcohol, need something to serve at a family party, or just want to take a sip of a sparkling, grape-flavored drink before the weekend hits and you can break out the real thing, Welch’s has you covered.

This is, of course, the latest in a long line of products inspired by rosé, which has become the signature drink of summer in the last few years. Sugarfina has its now-iconic line of rosé-flavored gummy bears, at least three cider brands have already released rosé cider this year, and Three Olives is launching a rosé vodka.

If you’re in the market for the real thing, there are plenty of novelty iterations of rose worth trying: Those forty ounce bottles of rosé were a huge hit last summer, and probably will be again. Winc Summer Water wine club is going in the opposite direction and offering tiny bottles of rosé called “droplets,” perfect for hiding in your bag during a baseball game or a concert. Whether it’s in non-alcoholic form or in an oversized bottle, there are so many ways to enjoy rosé these days.