What happens when you sit down in a diner and start getting nostalgic? You smash dozens of cannoli all over your face, of course! At least that's what Rivers Cuomo et al. end up doing in the band's video for their new single "California Kids." Musically, the track features the stalwart 90s alt scene band back in their prime with mellow, melodic-yet-crunchy grooves (dear lord who have I become?). The video starts with Cuomo in a restaurant booth looking emotional as a waitress approaches him, which leads to him flashing back(?) to some insane cannoli eating.

We then follow him to the beaches of Southern California where the frontman is dressed as a king and steals potato chips from unsuspecting passersby. After present day/pre-pubescent Cuomo's encounter with a female bodybuilder, the singer ends up digging himself out of the sand with the help of a metal detector. So you know, typical Weezer stuff. The video ends with a cameo by the famed "Damn, Daniel" meme stars. It's not the first time Weezer has turned Internet popularity into a hit video, as their entry for "Pork and Beans" featured countless viral characters, real and fictional. Fans won't have to wait long for the rest of the new songs to hit their ears. Weezer's new self-titled album will be released April 1st.