By Justine Sterling
Updated February 20, 2015
Grilled cheese crust pizza for the win.
| Credit: Amy Erickson/Oh, Bite It!

The Internet is a black hole for strange, weird and wonderful things—especially when it comes to food. Rather than dive in yourself, let FWx do it for you. Here, five of the most absurd food items we saw this week.

Grilled Cheese Crust Pizza: Did you just hear that? It was Pizza Hut clambering to get the exclusive rights to Oh, Bite It!'s grilled cheese crust recipe. It may just be the thing to compete with Little Caesars’s new bacon crust. [Foodiggity]

Peach-Flavored Strawberries: Indecisive fruit lovers can now enjoy the best of both strawberries and peaches at the same time. Toukun ichigo is a hybrid strawberry currently available in Japan. It looks like a giant, peach-colored strawberry, smells like a peach and tastes like a peach with a strawberry finish. [Rocket News 24]

Pizza Doughuts: Two different spots in Boston are selling this new pizza hybrid. Union Square Donuts is offering Cheese Pizza Savory Donut Squares, which are baked and flavored with basil, garlic, mozzarella cheese and tomato. Blackbird Doughnuts is making a pepperoni pizza doughnut. [Eater Boston]

Yuzu-Flavored Eggs: The perfect accompaniment to peach-flavored strawberries is a Japanese yuzu-flavored egg. The citrusy eggs are completely natural—they’re laid by hens that are fed yuzu peels. [Rocket News 24]

Gold-Laced Caviar: If standard caviar just isn’t fancy enough for you, there’s now an Austrian caviar flecked with gold. Harvested from a rare breed of albino sturgeon and then adulterated with gold, the baller roe will cost you about $112,070 per kilogram. [Eater]