This Week in Food News: Jam-Filled Sausages, Grilled Cheese Covered in Gold and Deep-Fried Starbucks

Photo: © Liam Bennett / The Dausage

The Internet is a black hole for strange, weird and wonderful things—especially when it comes to food. Rather than dive in yourself, let FWx do it for you. Here, five of the most absurd food items we saw this week.

Deep-Fried Starbucks Coffee: Every summer, a new extreme fried food emerges at a state or county fair. This year’s first entry: deep-fried Starbucks coffee found a the Bacon-A-Fair booth at the San Diego Fair. The deep-fried balls are stuffed with ground coffee and topped with whipped cream. [FOODBEAST]

The World’s Most Expensive Grilled Cheese: The humble grilled cheese sandwich just got a glitzy new makeover. Serendipity 3 in New York City is offering a grilled cheese sandwich stuffed with lobster, laced with truffle oil and Champagne and coated in 24-karat gold. The cost? Oh, about 10 times as much as a standard grilled cheese. One sandwich goes for $214. [The Daily Meal]

Jam-Filled Sausage: The “Dausage” is a meaty, fruity mix of a doughnut and a sausage. Essentially, it’s a sausage filled with jam. That means when you cut into it, it looks like it’s bleeding. Yum! [BuzzFeed]

Weed-Smoked Salmon: This Sunday, skip the mimosas and instead get buzzed off your bagel and lox. Rosenberg’s Bagels in Denver created marijuana-infused smoked salmon, and they’re hoping to distribute it to local pot shops. [The Cannabist]

Fish Parfaits: Stoner salmon isn’t the only seafood innovation we found out about this week. Fish parfaits made with ginger ice cream, garlic and seared bonito are a new craze in Japan. Served as a dessert, the parfaits are, by all accounts, incredibly popular with diners. It doesn’t sound so appetizing to us right now, but maybe after some of Rosenberg’s lox... [RocketNews24]

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