This Week in Food News: Edible Christmas Sweaters, Cheesy Beer Floats and a Casino Where You Can Gamble with Food

Photo: The world’s first pop-up food casino, ‘Raise the Steaks’ is coming to London (on Tuesday 8th December) to mark the launch of a new, 1950s-inspired gaming site,”

The Internet is a black hole for strange, weird and wonderful things—especially when it comes to food. Rather than dive in yourself, let FWx do it for you. Here, five of the most absurd food items we saw this week.

Blue Cheese Beer Floats: A new beer hall in NYC is giving beer lovers something they never knew they wanted—an IPA float with blue cheese ice cream. Beer? Good. Cheese? Good. Ice Cream? Good. How can you go wrong? That said, we're certainly not going to be the first ones to try it. [Gothamist]

Bug Sushi: Bad news, you missed the sixth annual Tokyo Bug-Eating Festival. If you had gone, you would have gotten to crunch down on delicacies like cockroach curry, hornet larvae shabu shabu, water bug-infused water and insect sushi. We all know bugs are the future of food, so you might as well get used to the idea of replacing your usual order of a salmon roll with mealworm nigiri. [Rocket News 24]

Gamble with Your Food: Instead of gambling all your money away in a normal casino, gamble your dinner away at a new pop-up casino in London. Located in The Diner in London's Soho neighborhood, the casino gives you a free burger, drink and order of fries and then offers you the chance to gamble it all away on roulette. Put it all on red (meat). [Metro]

An Edible Ugly Xmas Sweater: Ugly Christmas sweaters are fun for one night but after that, are you ever going to wear them again? Doubtful. So why not wear one that can be easily disposed of at the end of the night in the form of a midnight snack? Baker Juliet Sear created a Rudolf-adorned sweater made entirely from icing, marzipan and chocolate. There's nothing cozier than the feel of cold, sweaty chocolate against your skin. [Daily Mail]

Cola-Flavored Chips: Trying to drink a soda while eating chips is soooo much work—especially when you're also trying to blast away the gazeepoids in Super Stark Punchers 4. Thankfully game company Namco teamed up with Japanese snack maker Calbee to make cola-flavored potato chips. As easy as the chips make sating your cola and chip needs, they aren't easy to get. You have to win them in Namco crane games in arcades. [Kotaku]

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