By Justine Sterling
Updated November 14, 2014
© The Watering Mouth

The Internet is a black hole for strange, weird and wonderful things—especially when it comes to food. Rather than dive in yourself, let FWx do it for you.

Turkey and Stuffing Doughnuts: Tesco, a British supermarket chain, is releasing turkey-and-stuffing-flavored doughnuts just in time for the holidays. They’re the newest offering in Tesco’s line of Weirdoughs, which includes flavors like salt and vinegar, bacon and cheese and onion. [Metro]

Marshmallow Shot Glasses: Finally, a non-s’mores reason to toast marshmallows. Youtube user The Watering Mouth has revealed how to transform toasted marshmallows into hollow shot glasses. [Foodiggity]

Fruit Loops Hot Dog: Stoners, pregnant women, 10 year-old little boys, listen up. There’s something you need to know: Happy Dog, a hot dog-focused restaurant in Cleveland, lets you top your hot dog with outlandish toppings like SpaghettiOs, chunky peanut butter and Froot Loops. [Neatorama]

Carne Asada Croissant Burrito: We were starting to think we’d seen it all when it came to food hybrids, but then we met the croissant burrito. Created by Reddit user Jaymax, the Franco-Mexican delicacy is made by layering rolled out croissant dough with meat, rice, beans and cheese then sandwiched with a blanket of croissant dough. Bake it in the oven and out comes a huge, flaky croissantorrito. [Foodbeast]

Taste-Enhancing Clown Nose: British food innovators, Lick Me I’m Delicious, have invented a black clown nose that will, purportedly, enhance your sense of smell. Soak the Olfactic Dog Nose in warm water, wear it for ten minutes, then take it off and eat something. According to the inventors, it will change the way you taste and smell. Of course, it will also change the number of people who are willing to be seen with you in public. [The Daily Meal]