By Justine Sterling
Updated October 10, 2014
Bacon S'mores!

S’mores Bacon: The brilliant culinary scientists over at Dude Foods have come up with the ultimate glamping snack: S’mores bacon. To make it, fry up some bacon, spread each strip with melted marshmallows, then sprinkle on graham cracker crumbles and bake. When the sweet-and-salty strips are done, eat them with a side of melted chocolate for dipping. [Dude Foods]

Bacon-Scented T-Shirts: This is the best thing to come out of SkyMall since the life-sized Stormtrooper. It’s a shirt that smells like bacon. Adorned with an American flag drawn out of bacon and eggs, the shirt is printed with a bacon-scented ink that will last for 20 washes. Perfect for the man who wants to smell like he had bacon for breakfast but only had time to pour a bowl of cereal. [Incredible Things]

$1,770 Burger: A restaurant called Honky Tonk is probably not where you would expect to drop thousands, but the London spot is now offering a Glamburger for nearly $2k. The patty alone features Kobe beef and New Zealand venison stuffed with black truffle brie. It's topped with maple syrup-soaked bacon, lobster meat poached in Iranian saffron, a hickory-smoked duck egg covered in gold leaf, mango, Champagne sauce and grated white truffle. And if that wasn’t enough, the bun is decorated with more gold leaf. [LA Times]

$93 French Fry: This Christmas, why not show that special person in your life just how important they are by gifting them a single McDonald’s french fry in the shape of the number one. Right now on Yahoo! Japan Auctions, bidding starts at 10,000 yen (about $93) for the rare fry, but you can buy it now for 890,000 yen ($8,252). Note: It's not gold plated. Just an actual fry. [Rocket News 24]

Jalapeño-Topped Chocolate Doughnuts: Chocolate and chile is a tried-and-true pairing, often enjoyed by consuming chocolate infused with a little heat. One Los Angeles doughnut shop is offering an extreme twist by topping chocolate-glazed doughnuts with full slices of fresh jalapeños—about six slices per doughnut. We give it six months before Dunkin’ Donuts is offering their own take. [Neatorama]