Find out what you'll probably be eating at weddings next year. 

Credit: Getty images

Next year, you will likely face the inevitable lineup of weddings you’re required to attend, or maybe you’ll be planning your own. These celebrations of love usually always include breathtaking dresses, gorgeous flower arrangements, and of course, the tower of frosting and edible flowers that is the wedding cake. Every year, new trends surface when it comes to what to food to serve at a wedding. WeddingWire, under the guidance of its trend expert Anne Chertoff, put together its own list of the hottest wedding food trends you might want to try at your own wedding, or that you can at least expect to see on the dinner table if you’re just a guest.

In 2018, couples will be getting even more creative with how they feed their guests. Before we get to dessert, let's start with appetizers: WeddingWire predicts that more weddings will use “interactive appetizer stations,” like a make-your-own sushi table. For dinner, you might see more “comfort food” dishes, with a decadent twist, like you might find in our recipes for fried chicken or chicken potpie. More weddings might also get a tropical twist, featuring grilled fruit, or alcohol-infused fruit, on the menu. With most weddings sticking to classics—red wine and champagne for the toast—that might be a refreshing twist on the evening, even if the wedding doesn’t take place in Hawaii or Mexico. Nothing says, “we’re here to party,” like a wedding that serves tropical drinks garnished with pineapple skewers instead of glasses of wine.

Now for the main event: the dessert. If you want to go the traditional route and feature a cake as your dessert, you might want to consider a neutral color cake with just one tier adding a pop of color, according to WeddingWire. If you’re looking to go down a more adventurous route, you could try the “make it mini,” trend which skips the wedding cake altogether and opts for a dessert table decked out with bite-sized doughnuts or s’mores.

Keep your eye out these wedding trends next year—and don’t be afraid to try them on your big day.