Move over, naked cakes.
Wedding cake
Credit: maxicake/Getty Images

Pinterest may just be the ultimate wedding-planning resource—so it's no surprise this platform has the scoop on this year's most popular wedding trends. And today, Pinterest released its annual report for the top wedding trends of 2018—including what we can expect to see on our plates and in the buffet line. From metallic wedding cakes to vegan treats and pretzel bars, wedding food has officially gone from mediocre to the main event.


If the idea of a pizza buffet—think: tables topped with prosciutto and arugula pies, four-cheese pies and pepperoni pies—makes your mouth water, you're in luck. This year, pizza buffets at weddings could outnumber traditional plated dinners, Pinterest says.

Low-Key Cakes

No couple wants their cake to outshine them, Pinterest points out—and that's one reason that couples will choose low-key cakes this year, like this one that features simple, white icing and figs.

Metalic Decorations

"Low key" doesn't have to mean boring, however. Metalic decorations are also on the rise.

Vegan Food

Not everyone eats dairy. So, according to Pinterest, couples are giving vegan guests more options this year, with vegan food predicted to skyrocket by 186 percent.

Floral Cocktails

Bouquet tosses? Out. Bouquets in drinks? Very in.

Midnight Snacks

You know how it goes: you gobble up dinner only to hit the dance floor and work off every calorie you just consumed. By 11 p.m., you're starved, but the kitchen has long since closed. This year, couples aren't going to let you go hungry, with midnight snacks like mini ice cream cones and grilled cheeses.

Pretzel Bars

Convenient and eye-catching, pretzel bars are taking off. If a snack set up can double as decor, why shouldn't it?