The newest reason to have computers in the kitchen: online cooking classes, with step-by-step photos, detailed descriptions of ingredients and question-and-answer chats with instructors. The eGullet Culinary Institute at, or eGCI, offers free sessions on subjects ranging from Mexican table salsas to stuffed pastas. Classes are led by volunteers, such as noted author James Villas, who recently taught a session about Southern cooking based on his memoir with recipes, Between Bites. The cofounder of, Steven Shaw, who goes by the moniker Fat Guy, also teaches. His course, All About Eggs, includes information on everything from the use of nonstick skillets to the optimal ratio of water to eggs for a fluffy omelet, with helpful photographs that illustrate how to cook said omelet. When eGCI debuted in August 2003, it had five classes; it now runs almost 60 and has planned new courses, like north Indian breads, in answer to a request on the site's discussion board.