The caramel apple creation delivers on recreating the seasonal treat in Frappuccino form.

Zombie Frappuccino
Credit: Abby Hocking

Today is the day some people have probably been waiting for, ever since the Unicorn Frappuccino craze died down: Starbucks has added a new Frappuccino to its line-up. It’s called the Zombie Frappuccino and it tastes like a caramel apple, a classic Halloween-time treat.

First things first: When you get your Frappuccino from your barista, it’ll be neon green, but it’s shot through with red mocha syrup, which runs down the inside of the cup like oozing blood. As this chocolate-flavored blood seeps into the green Frappuccino Crème, the drink turns a darker shade or reddish purple, as evidenced by our photo above. On top, you’ll find pink whipped cream—meant to resemble brains, but don’t worry, it just looks and tastes like regular whipped cream.

When our staff tried the creepy concoction, we agreed that it tastes like Halloween candy. Right away, the scent brings to mind nostalgic memories of taking a bite out of a caramel apple from a country fair or hayride that your parents only let you have once a year (probably for your teeth's sake). The caramel flavor is especially strong, and it’s followed by a tart and tangy apple flavor, delivering on the flavor promised. As one editor in the office point out, the flavor resembles an apple Jolly Rancher, while another said she was reminded of a “melted caramel apple pop,”—the Tootsie brand Caramel Apple Pop specifically jumped to mind.

If you found the Unicorn Frappuccino unbearably sweet, the Zombie Frappuccino is much more drinkable, according to our another of our editors who has been on the Starbucks beat for a while now. That might be because the richness provided by the whipped cream and mocha syrup actually serves to tamp down on the sugary beverage.

But one of our writers found that the flavor reminded him of the way a Yankee caramel apple-scented candle might smell. Another editor chimed in that the drink has the same sweet and strong flavor of a Bath & Body Works scented lotion. To each their own.

Regardless of the reminders of artificial flavors that it might conjure in your mind, the consensus at Food & Wine is that the drink is oddly addictive. “I would finish the whole thing,” a writer proclaimed with confidence, while another editor admitted, “I can’t stop drinking it.”

The Zombie Frappuccino is available at Starbucks locations in the U.S. and Canada now through October 31.